The combination of strands developed and delivered by Agile Nation offered an innovative approach to challenging the gender pay gap in Wales. This presented the project with a number of transnational opportunities, including:
Sharing our experience and knowledge with other countries facing similar challenges.
Promoting Wales as a forward thinking nation in terms of tackling inequality in the workplace.
Establishing lasting partnerships with other European nations.
Promoting Agile Nation to visitors from Finland, Singapore, Poland and China.
Linking with academics and leading Swedish equality activists and gaining valuable learning and best practice from the Nordiskt Forum 2014.
Highlighting the work of Agile Nation to women’s groups in Lesotho.
Project achievements highlighted in the Houses of Parliament as part of 2013 Parliament Week activity.
Gaining knowledge on gender equality in education at conference in Vienna, 2014.
Showcasing the achievements of the project to European Union communication professionals at conference in Matera, Italy, 2014.
Attending and presenting European Employment Forum in Brussels 2012.
Producing a Transnational Toolkit to help other organisations build lasting international relationships.

Building four European partnerships:

JUMP – Belgium.
Sprogcenter Center – Denmark.
Mas Carandell – Catalunya.
Grafia – Czech Republic.

Combined this activity has promoted Agile Nation effectively to an international audience.

This reflects positively on Wales and has shared our cutting-edge approach to tacking gender inequality in the workplace.
In return our teams have benefited by meeting, sharing experiences and learning from other organisations from across Europe all working towards helping to bring about equality for women.

My Agile Nation.

Emma Tamplin.

Emma represented Agile Nation at the 2014 Nordiskt Forum in Malmo, Sweden with over 15,000 delegates this forum highlighted the ground-breaking work being undertaken across the Scandinavian countries to tackle the issues facing women today.

The Scandinavian countries have a world class reputation for their commitment to gender equality, so for me being able to attend the forum was an exceptional opportunity. I learnt so much about the issues facing women in the workplace and wider society, and at the same time it was a pleasure to share with leaders from a number of different women’s groups the success of the Agile Nation project.
Everyone was impressed with the work we’ve undertaken, and knowing that our project was so well received by these experts in gender equality gave me a real sense of pride for Agile Nation and everyone who worked tirelessly to develop and deliver the project.

Final Project Evaluation for the Transnational Strand.

In looking at the Transnational strand the evaluation highlighted the following:
A number of aspects of Agile Nation’s transnational work strand have emerged as good practice through the evaluation.
The partnership working has involved each of the participant organisations identifying the specific areas of expertise and experience that it can share for the benefit of the other partners.
A good platform for future transnational learning and partnership activity has been built through the transnational cooperation work.
Sharing good practice and the knowledge developed through the delivery of Agile Nation for example in the area of modern working practices.

Valuable evaluation.

Both internal and external evaluation has played an important role in the successful management and delivery of the project. The following excerpts are taken from the mid-point independent evaluation of Agile Nation and help to highlight the performance and benefits of the project.
The project’s relevance is seen as strong because inequalities still persist.
Both employees and employers have seen direct and indirect impacts from the project.
Participants felt that the range of support options available was a key strength of the programme.
The support was considered as responding appropriately to need, and seen as relatively unique.
Many employers felt that the support had positioned them more favourably and competitively in the current economic climate.
In addition to external evaluation, Agile Nation has from the outset planned and undertaken its own internal evaluation. This monitoring programme has played a significant role in ensuring the accuracy, integrity and quality of the project and its outcomes.

My Agile Nation.

Natalie Griffiths.

Undertaking both delivery and managerial roles Natalie has placed an emphasis on ensuring the quality of service delivery and evaluation of the project through a highly detailed “no stone unturned” monitoring process with continual improvement at its core.

I started with Agile Nation as a Senior Project Officer, where my focus was on participant engagement, I then gained promotion to Regional Project Manager which has allowed me to experience the project from a managerial perspective. Finally I was appointed Training & Quality Manager which gave me the opportunity to work on the project in a highly focused delivery and monitoring role. On a personal level this has been a fantastic journey for me, it has allowed to utilise my previous skills and experience and gain many more whilst working on the project.
From the outset the project had comprehensive plans for the monitoring of the processes and outcomes, and as Agile Nation is a large project this forward planning has proved invaluable for myself and the team as it’s helped to map out the work we’ve needed to undertake.
This role has really suited me and it’s a real sense of achievement to know we’ve been able to deliver a quality service which has captured the impacts of the project.

The combination of strands developed and delivered by Agile Nation offered an innovative approach to challenging the gender pay gap in Wales.

The Agile Nation Story illustrates the comprehensive nature of this project and the many benefits it has successfully delivered to help women in Wales to achieve and prosper.


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